#DesiLitBiz Community Question: On literary translation collaborations

This is a series within the #DesiLitBiz channel to answer questions from the Desi Books community about writing, translating, publishing, the book biz, the literary life, etc. Where feasible, other desi writers, translators, or publishing professionals will be invited to share their expertise/advice as well. Go to https://bit.ly/desilitbizquestion to send in your question. This week, a community member asks about the whys and wherefores of literary translation collaborations.

#DesiCraftChat: Rita Kothari on decoding cultural and sociopolitical issues through literary translation

Hello and welcome to Episode 66 of Desi Books—news and views about desi literature from the world over. I’m your host, Jenny Bhatt. Thank you for tuning in. In today's #DesiCraftChat, we have Rita Kothari discussing a new short story anthology titled The Greatest Gujarati Stories Ever Told, which she has selected, edited, and mostly translated too. In this conversation, we talked about the differences of translating different forms, the diversity within Gujarati culture, balancing the theory and practice of translation, decoding cultural and sociopolitical issues through literary translation—and much more.