Desi Books was always intended as a community project. Without the featured writers, poets, translators, and loyal readers and listeners, there would have been no Desi Books. Their support will always be appreciated.

“I found you and Desi Books through an internet search when my publisher, Doubleday, asked me to suggest non-traditional venues for my book. I’m really glad I did, and I’m sure Doubleday was glad too. The range of Desi authors you cover is wide, and your questioning is thorough. Great work!” ~Vinod Busjeet, Washington DC, USA

“I just read the Editor’s note and the first couple of reviews and do I love them!? Oh yes! Detailed and without clichéd phrases. I am here for it!” ~Akankshya Abismruta, Orissa, India

“Desi Books is a wonderful and necessary venture.” ~Murali Kamma, Atlanta, GA

“Of late, I am looking to @nytimesbooks and @DesiBooks for leads on new books. International and South Asian respectively.” ~Srinath Shiragalale, Bengaluru, India

“Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed reading your compilation of essays on the ‘mango discourse‘! Some are behind a paywall, but the ones I could access were really interesting and thought-provoking.” ~Tejaswini Apte-Rahm, Suva, Fiji

“Not just for desis; for anyone who loves books. Absolutely love this podcast. Yes, it started with my interest in hearing more about desi writers, their books, their art, their space. But this podcast, while its focus is on desi writers, covers so many themes, rhythms, craft related topics, narratives, that it would be of interest to anyone who’s interested in books, writing, or just stories from around the world. The readalouds are great too. It has now become my almost daily listening pleasure. And I love what it does for the authors featured here. Bravo!” ~natasha_vihaan (on Apple podcasts)

“I’ve found new books [on Desi Books] that I haven’t seen promoted elsewhere. Including some genre fiction, which is often left out of print coverage anyway.” ~Jeevani Charika / Rhoda Baxter, England, United Kingdom

“I look forward to your newsletter. It is full of interesting projects which I probably would never have heard about from music, books, and translated lit. Thank you.” ~Farah Ahamed, London, United Kingdom and Lahore, Pakistan

“Just finished listening to this episode and loved every bit. Thanks for the incredible work you are doing. The spotlight on South Asian books and authors, the many topics explored, the sheer variety of guests, the nuances and challenges of desi authorship. So much in each podcast. I can imagine it’s a lot of work. But what an incredible gift for this community and also wider readership. Thank you again.” ~Natasha Israni, New York City, New York, United States

“I’m a huge fan of Desi Books. I’ve been following the podcasts and book lists from the start (as well as your wonderful book reviews for NPR!) And it has truly changed the way I read and engage with South Asian literature. Thank you so much for all the important work that you do. Really looking forward to seeing more from Desi Books!” ~Shwetha Srikanthan, Sri Lanka

“I accidentally stumbled upon the Desi Books platform on Twitter recently. This is such an absolutely phenomenal idea to connect international readers with new books that come through the South Asian diaspora. Loved listening to some of the author conversations. Keep up the good work!” ~Sonali Raje, Maryland, United States

“I love the thoughtful questions in the #DesiCraftChat segment with desi authors. I always learn something new.” ~Sarita Chauhan, New York City, New York, United States

“The variety of segments makes this an interesting podcast. Authors discussing their books, reading from them, sharing their favorites. It’s like a tasty thali offering, as Jenny sometimes says on the podcast.” ~Anantha Raghavananda, Woking, Surrey, England

“I thought the episode with Tara Kaushal about Why Men Rape was amazing. What a brave writer. I bought her book after listening.” ~Halah Ahmed, Mumbai, India

“The favorite books by Canadian desi writers shared by Farzana Doctor was a treat. Please feature more writers from Canada. Thank you.” ~Jasmeet Kaur, Toronto, Canada