#DesiBooksDiscourse is a 30-45 minute pre-recorded video episode where three or four writers, poets, or translators discuss a specific literary topic. The goal is to drive more dialogue around those selected topics, especially as they pertain to writers of South Asian origin, and to engage more folks from the Desi Books community to share their expertise, ideas, and works.

As this is a new channel for 2022, it will evolve as we progress. Please send in your pitch or questions for a #DesiBooksDiscourse panel via our Contact page.

➤Please click to expand and read our brief pitching guidelines.

1) Make the panel topic as specific as possible. And, of course, it needs to be pertinent to the Desi Books reader and writer community.

2) Ensure that the 3-4 co-panelists are all on board before sending over the pitch. Provide one-paragraph bios of all panelists and a one-paragraph description of the panel topic in your pitch. If you have a specific date in mind for when you’d like to have the panel video aired, please mention that also.

3) If your pitch is accepted, we’ll send you some basic guidelines and a request for some materials for promotion and editing of your video recording. Please don’t send anything else until asked.

4) Please allow 4-5 business days for a response to a pitch. We’re a small team. If you do not hear back regarding your pitch within 4-5 business days, then we have, with apologies, passed for now. You’re welcome to pitch us again with a different topic.

5) Regretfully, we cannot pay for this channel right now. However, we will happily promote the episode, as we do all other episodes and channels, across our socials, website, audio and video platforms, and newsletter.

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