#FiveDesiFaves: Mishika Narula and Srisruthi Ramesh of Brown Girl Bookshelf share their recent favorites

Hello and welcome to Episode 63 of Desi Books—news and views about desi literature from the world over. I’m your host, Jenny Bhatt. Thank you for tuning in. In today's #FiveDesiFaves episode, we have Mishika Narula and Srisruthi Ramesh of Brown Girl Bookshelf sharing their recently-read favorite desi books by Anuk Arudpragasam, Rafia Zakaria, SJ Sindu, and Fatima Farheen Mirza.

#FiveDesiFaves Roundup: Historical Fiction

This week's #FiveDesiFaves is a roundup of six recently-featured works of historical fiction: China Room by Sunjeev Sahota; Silent Winds, Dry Seas by Vinod Busjeet; The Begum and the Dastan by Tarana Husain Khan; A Play for the End of the World by Jai Chakrabarti; The Grand Anicut by Veena Muthuraman; The Thinnai by Ari Gautier (tr. by Blake Smith from the French into the English.)

#FiveDesiFaves Roundup: #MangoDiscourse

Desi Books #FiveDesiFaves #MangoDiscourse

Today’s #FiveDesiFaves is a special roundup of, well, not books. It's a chronological. though non-exhaustive, listing of all the famous additions to the perennial #mangodiscourse about South Asian fiction. And the five favorites shown above are, if you like, a "hall of fame" set of writers who've contributed to this discourse in important ways: Bharati Mukherjee; Meenakshi Mukherjee; Vikram Chandra; Soniah Kamal, Naben Ruthnum.