#DesiBooksReview: Issue 2


Introducing #DesiBooksReview Issue 2
Editor’s Note by JENNY BHATT

Literary Lineage: Why Hanif Kureishi Felt Like Family
Dr. NIKESH SHUKLA (excerpt from Your Story Matters)

Allan Sealy’s Postmodern Emperor Asoca is a Doubting Buddhist
Dr. PRAVINA COOPER on Irwin Allan Sealy’s Asoca: A Sutra

Anees Salim’s Latest Takes Us Back in Time
ANANDI MISHRA on Anees Salim’s The Odd Book of Baby Names

The Gardens of Temsula Ao’s Mind
VEENA NARAYAN on Temsula Ao’s The Tombstone in My Garden: Stories from Nagaland

The Urdu Afsana Meets the Anglophone Short Story in Farah Ali’s Debut
TALIB JABBAR on Farah Ali’s People Want to Live

Vaasanthi on What Makes Us Real
SUHASINI PATNI on Vaasanthi’s Ganga’s Choice and Other Stories (tr. by Sukanya Venkataraman, Gomathi Narayan, Vaasanthi)

Caste-crossed Love in Murugan’s Pyre
SHALVI SHAH on Perumal Murugan’s Pyre (tr. by Aniruddhan Vasudevan)

Fateema’s House of Her Own
VARISHA TARIQ on Ila Arab Mehta’s Fence (tr. by Rita Kothari)

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