#DesiBooksReview: Issue 1


Introducing #DesiBooksReview Issue 1
Editor’s Note by JENNY BHATT

Literary Lineage: Finding My Self Through My Foremothers
MEENAL SHRIVASTAVA on writing Amma’s Daughters

Creating Myths to Recreate Our Selves
NIYATI BHAT on Shrayana Bhattacharya’s Desperately Seeking Shah Rukh

Dancing Around the Self
SHALVI SHAH on Shruti Swamy’s The Archer

On a Frenzied Night, a Young Woman Finds Transcendence
RASHI ROHATGI on Carl de Souza’s Kaya Days
(tr. by Jeffrey Zuckerman)

The Psychology of Violence in Fiction
PARDEEP TOOR on Mona Arshi’s Somebody Loves You

How to Upend Expectations in Shocking, Transgressive Ways
SUHASINI PATNI on Indu Menon’s The Lesbian Cow and Other Stories (tr. by Nandakumar K.)

The Making of Sane Guruji
SUKHADA TATKE on Sane Guruji’s Shyamchi Aai (tr. by Shanta Gokhale)

Let’s Revisit the Past Without a Time Machine
VEENA MUTHURAMAN on VJ James’ Anti-Clock (tr. by Ministhy S.)

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