#DesiBooksNews: An Important Update About Desi Books

Dear Reader,

I am reaching out with some important news about Desi Books.

Over the coming month, I will be winding things down with this platform. This is not a decision I have come to lightly, given how much of my time, money, and energy I have poured into it since March 2020, when I started it to spotlight writers of South Asian origin who were not being given their due attention.

In the last three years, I have had the honor of featuring 180 individual authors, 23 contributing authors, and well over 1200 books in various lists, roundups, etc. I have advocated ceaselessly through reviews, essays, interviews, social media threads, and newsletters for these authors and books as well. It has been my great joy to help raise the tide of South Asian literature in the ways that I can. That mission will, of course, remain strong throughout my work—reviews, essays, books, translations, teaching, etc.

I will do a proper public statement shortly but I am reaching out to all of you who’ve subscribed and trusted me enough to let me into your email inboxes each week. I appreciate that there are many choices of newsletters out there and it is a privilege to be granted access to anyone’s personal inbox these days. This is, however, the last newsletter.

The Desi Books archives will always remain available in audio, video, and text formats as they are now. However, new materials will not be added. The website will become a static HTML repository by the end of March.

Thank you for considering Desi Books as a venue worth your time. I hope we can work together again in the future in some other capacity. And I wish you great success and joy.

Although I have reduced my social media presence over the past couple of months, you can stay in touch via my personal newsletters if you like. And this email inbox will remain available for another month yet.

Thank you again for your trust in me and in Desi Books.

Stay healthy, keep reading, and write well.

Jenny Bhatt

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